Brazilian on paper, French in heart---I’m just another citizen the world searching for the best way to exist. Some years ago I made the commitment of becoming the best version of myself. (No, I didn't know back then it would be an endless journey, but I'm glad I committed anyway.) Now it has become not only my lifestyle, but also my purpose in life.


by Larissa Lopes

“Choose to live today as if you were already

the best version of yourself.”


“When you think of yourself as if you were already ‘your best version,’ you automatically change your behavior. Because ‘the thin you,’ or ‘the sober you’ wouldn’t 'eat/drink' that, right? And by acting as if you were already 'thin or sober,' you end up getting closer and closer to your goal. Which gives you self-confidence and reinforces the cycle!”


Larissa’s simple idea originated a movement among her friends, family, and students, and she realized she needed a place to share their inspiring success stories and motivate them to keep changing their lives for the better. That's why she created #TheBestVersionOfMyselfMovement. Her goal is to provide a platform to support and connect all those trying to live as the best version of themselves.


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If you want to know more about Larissa and #TheBestVersionOfMyselfMovement please send an email to TheBestVersionOfMyselfMovement@gmail.com or contact us directly on social media!

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