Brazilian on paper, French in heart---I’m just another citizen the world searching for the best way to exist. Some years ago I made the commitment of becoming the best version of myself. (No, I didn't know back then it would be an endless journey, but I'm glad I committed anyway.) Now it has become not only my lifestyle, but also my purpose in life.


Brazilian on paper, French in heartI’m just another citizen the world searching for the best way to exist. 


Seven years ago, I made the commitment of becoming the best version of myself.
No, I didn't know back then that it would be an endless journey
but the simple decision of "acting as if" I was already the person I wanted to become, completely changed my life.

By choosing to live as my best self, one day at a time, I was able to dig myself out of an eight year depression; cure myself from food addiction and binge eating; lose 100 lbs / 45 kg; and create this movement to help people all over the world to finally start living the life they were meant to live. Now,


has become not only my lifestyle, but also my mission and purpose in life.



When I was 18 I realized I cared enough about the world to want to make it a better place. So I decided to pursue a career in Geography.

Little did I know that I didn't have to spend years (feeling miserable) at the university, so someone could give me the highest diploma there is, and say I was officially able to do it. 

Today, 11 years of higher education studies later, I am--what I like to call--a wholehearted researcher. But the research I'm most proud of is not the one I did for the academy. It's everything I've learned on #TheBestVersionOfMyself journey, about how to master myself and become the best me I can possibly be.


I believe the best way (and possibly the only one) to change the world is practicing being a better version of ourselves every day, and inspiring others to do the same.


So, today I try to teach my students (and everyone interested in what I have to say) how to master themselves and make the world a better place—instead of how to pass their exams and get another meaningless degree, like I've been taught most of my life.

I also like to share what I've learned during my journey on my YouTube Channel, to inspire as many people as possible to become the best version of themselves.


The first step of becoming the best version of yourself is discovering who you really are. And in the process of searching for myself, I found my true passion in life: writing.

The second step (and possibly the hardest one) is having the courage to be yourself. During this process I became an author of 3  romance novels. And now I'm represented by Stephanie Hansen at Metamorphosis Literary Agency.

The third step is allowing people to see you for who you are. So, now I'm in the process of publishing my books, and in 2020 the world will be able to read my stories and meet my favorite part of myself.

Click here to know more about my books: THE  ALEC BROCK SERIES !


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